Agree access rights to mobile communication terminal device

The personal information of the customer whom MATE, collects to provide its services is as follows.

When a customer first subscribes to a service or as a result of the service use, the email addresses of their customers, open profiles of their account, a list of friends, dates of birth, gender, service ID, photos, and so on are collected.
Information from the mobile device (contact, photo, location, cookies, access history, mobile communication terminal) and features are also identified with the customer's consent during the course of the service use.

MATE, develops O2, IoT and Iost services and strives for user convenience.

MATE, constantly strives to create and maintain healthy and healthy usage environments and provide a pleasant and useful experience for all customers in its services.

Records of client reports or automated data that can be collected to prevent or prevent incorrect use of the information that may cause harm to other customers in violation of the statutes or the terms of use.

In addition, payment service providers such as Google Play and App Store collect credit card information, carrier information, gift certificate number, and other necessary information for payment during the course of using paid services such as point purchase.

The customer is responsible for the payment and should keep in mind the terms and conditions of use and personal information processing policies of the payment company.

The personal information mentioned above is collected through an automated system or directly provided during the Customer's sign - up or service use. MATE, receives your consent for the personal information it collects and provides the service.